Online test results

This section allows patients and the doctors they have authorized to view their test results online.

Patients need to use the password consigned to them at the time the test was taken in order to be able to view and print the results.

"Please note that the results are available online only for a 45-day period
The results need to be saved on one of your devices if you wish to view them after that period".

Clinical Analysis Laboratory, Ultrasounds and Private Practice Clinics

The Guidelines on test results online reporting of September 19, 2009 (G.U. nr.288 of 11/12/2009) are provided users at the time they are provided authentication credentials. The document can be consulted by turning to the Forms section of the website.


  1. Click on "Online Test Results"
  2. When you open the page enter in lower case letters the username you were provided with, making sure to copy everything exactly including dots and any spaces
  3. Write the password and the dots contained therein in the uppercase.
  4. Click on "login"
  5. To manage your password, use the "old password" that was provided and listed in the previous page
  6. Type an 8-character password in the "new password" field
  7. Type in the new password just created to confirm it in the "repeat" field.
  8. Click on "change"
  9. The test result report will then appear; to view it double click on the report number underlined.
  10. Download the report and save it in your computer because it will be available online for only a limited time period.


Attention: Store your username and new password in a safe place as they can be reused to download any new reports.

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